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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Invocation of Tahuti

As it is the day of Mercury, I thought I would share an invocation I wrote about 5 years ago to the Egyptian god Tahuti/Thoth. I borrowed some phrases from here and there, so you will probably recognise some of the words.

Self created one wisdom divine
God of magic, Lord of scribes
thou Ibis headed one, I call to thee
Thrice greatest Tahuti
I invoke thee

Thou whose head is clothed in the colour of the night sky blue
thou who holds within thy hands the scribal palette and writing reed too
Thee thee I invoke

Thou who measures and numbers the stars
thou who is the tongue and glowing heart of Ra
Thee thee I invoke
To descend upon this circle of art

Wisdom crowned Tahuti
God of magic appear to me
Divine scribe Tahuti
God of writing I invoke thee

Show me the mysteries of your creation
tell me the proper incantations
speak to me the words that spell success
and teach me the magic that will have the desired effects

Tahuti, thou of iridescent splender divine
thou who is the truth in mind
O thou Majesty of wisdom crowned
I call to thee and I invoke thee
Tahuti come to me

Behold, I am thee who is the scribe of the gods
who standeth in the hall of judgement
where I record the deeds of the dead
I am he who reports to the Neter
the result of the weighing of the heart with a feather

I am he who nourishes the sun folk
I give breath to him that is in secret places
by the power that is within my mouth
I am he who made Osiris triumphant over his enemies

Behold he is in me and I am in him
I travel upon high and tread upon the firmament of Nu
I standeth in my splender at the prow
while Ra-Hoor abideth at the helm

I am the fountain-head of wisdom
the mind of the divine Sun
when I open up my mouth
the truth flows out and it is done
I am the Mighty intelligence, astute, divine
where I am are the Great Powers of the mind

Tahuti, I call to thee
thou who holds the sacred words for eternity
thou who writes them down and vibrates them with sacred sound
come thou forth I say and aid and guard me in this work of magic art

Come thou forth I say, come thou forth and make all spirits subject to me
so that every spirit of the firmament and of the ether
upon the earth and under the earth
on dry land and in the water, of whirling air and rushing fire
and every spell and scourge of God
may be obedient unto me.

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